Creating a Show

Week of August 13

Going over the progress for the projects ahead, it’s decided that each performance or presentation would be preceded with a unique introduction. The introductions will serve as tie-ins that give the show a cohesive feel - presenting a whole body of work as opposed to smaller pieces. The group finds this appropriate given the impact that the group discussions have had on the final outcome of their work. While each piece is individually unique, the group input had an undeniable effect on the thought process behind the work. 

The proposed order of show.

The proposed order of show.

With themes and form considered, they now must decide on the presentation order of the shows. Brian is in favor of starting with pieces that express loss or death, then gradually moving to other topics that suggest a moving forward with life. Bart continues to lead the conversation and a flowing program is outlined through their discussions. Brian brings his compelling essay back into view and ponders the reception and intentions the audience might draw from something seemingly jarring. He emphasizes that he doesn’t want to present a moral obligation for the audience, but more so a question that requires critical thought. Bart, Glenn, and Tom reassure Brian that theater and similar community forums are not only tradition, but necessary tools for dissecting and understanding paths forward in society.

James begins a run through of his piece with a fallout themed novelty song from the 60’s, then goes into the inspiration of the piece. After his brief rehearsal, the group offers suggestions for the presentations structure and music timing. Noting the significance of each photo or reference, they relay ideas on how to punch up the points James wants to drive home. Rehearsals and formatting will continue in the coming weeks to create a program that captures the highs and lows of the motifs and individuality of each participant.