Rehearsals begin the exciting process of putting the various artistic concepts into action. Over three meetings, the group begins to block and stage the performance under Bart’s direction. Having decided the performance order in previous meetings, these rehearsals give them time to assess how elements like music and sound effects will flow through each section.

Bart’s artistic contribution takes the form of a soundtrack designed to reflect eras of war including ancient combat and the high tech machines of today. Clashes of battle can be heard amid fierce winds and shouts. As the recording progresses, machine guns fill the soundscape. Bart explains that he envisions the soundscape being an introduction to the rest of the performances. Many of the members give input and after a brief outline, begin timing and blocking the intro. They decide to gesture various combat positions in a flowing sequence as the recording plays (the sequence of positions is eventually replaced in favor of two still rows).

Intro sequence:

wind - footsteps - pause wind - charge - battle - roll call - memorial

In each meeting, Warrior Chorus members run through their parts as their pieces continue to evolve. Terry acts out Japanese Katas; James and Meagan fine tune the presentation of their performances; Gianna unveils her welded sculpture; Glenn moves the class with his emotional song.

In true Warrior Chorus fashion, discussions on current events and social issues arise throughout the rehearsals. These conversations prove to be a testament to the bonds and open communication this program encourages.