The Warrior Chorus – Arts and Humanities in Action is a national initiative that trains veterans to present innovative public programs to Americans based on classical literature and how it speaks to us today. 

  • it will intensively train veterans in three regional centers (New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles) over a ten-week program to present veteran and scholar-led public programming at 20 cultural centers.
  • it uses classical texts to inspire people to reflect on the connections between the works of the ancient Greeks and the issues they reflect in their own lives.
  • it brings members of the public together with the American veteran community to experience live stagings, readings, workshops, lectures, and discussions.
  • it provides a rich contextual frame for ancient literature to inspire in-depth public discussions about war, conflict, comradeship, country, home, family, injuries, work, politics – themes every American should have the opportunity to reflect upon as informed citizens in a vibrant democracy

This extensive new program unites the assets of: 

The Aquila Theatre Company, the Society for Classical Studies (SCS), the Society of Artistic Veterans in New York (SocArtVets), the Center for Ancient Studies at New York University (NYU), the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University, The Classics Departments of the University of Texas at Austin (UT), and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (USC).

The program is organized around four thematic units each anchored by an ancient work:

These units will explore significant humanities themes that investigate the connections between classical literature and contemporary America as they relate to the issues affecting the veteran community and the broader American public.

The two central tenets of The Warrior Chorus are:

The programming will be performed by veterans assisted by scholars.

Members of the chorus will develop their own area of artistic/humanities interest within the program to present unique events reflective of their particular skills. These can be, but are not limited to, acting, directing, dramaturgy, producing, writing, visual arts, photography, dance, etc..

New Media networking and the deployment of the specially developed YouStories app will feature Warrior Chorus program content as it is developed.

“All choruses should be performed to make the best warriors”
— Plato, Laws 12.942d